DDC Online direct digital controls
Guide to DDC

Getting Started

An Overview of Direct Digital Controls

Purpose of this Guide:

Due to the complexity and proprietary nature of DDC systems, it’s challenging to stay current with the designs, installations, operation and maintenance of DDC systems. DDC-Online.org was developed specifically to help building owners and consulting/specifying engineers with these issues. Getting Started is a tool to help professionals make more informed decisions and increase their knowledge about direct digital controls.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Direct Digital Control Systems
Chapter 2: Control Response
Chapter 3: Elements of a Direct Digital Control System

Input/Output Tutorial

Purpose of this Guide:

This portion of Getting Started provides descriptions of input and output devices written for someone new to the field or a seasoned engineer.

Chapter 1: Input/Output (I/O) Basics
Chapter 2: Input Devices and Sensors
Chapter 3: Output Devices